A part of me

The character I have created is me. It is a part of me who is social and active. Who is moody and quiet. I was taught when growing up to smile in front of people and not show true feelings or emotion.

The character has a Chihuahua head representing social and active.  There is part of me you do not see when I am alone.

Finalist –2016 Deakin University Contemporary Small Sculpture Award
Size(WxHxD): 11X23X7.5cm
Mdium: Tasmanian Huon Pine
Price: 1,700AU
SOLD  to The Deakin University Collection & Galleries, VIC
Winner - People’s Choice Award for the Deakin UniversitySmall Sculpture Award 2016
Price:  1,700

2016 January  chi-Ling WoodArt