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Ancora Imparo, “Yet, I am still learning”.



Chi-Ling Hsieh (Taiwanese birth name)
Born 1978, Taiwan
Chi-Ling Tabart grew up in South Taiwan. There she trained in traditional painting and completed a graphic design degree. She worked as a graphic designer in Taiwan for 6 years before relocating to Australian in 2006. She later moved to Tasmanian where she taught herself wood sculpting and still works as a graphic designer.
Wood carving began as a hobby when Chi-Ling taught herself in late 2012. Carving brings her peace of mind and also helps her get away from blue and sad thoughts. She works in timber to create detailed, hand crafted, whimsical characters. She combines imagination and sentiment to give viewers a sense of her thoughts about present and past life and old stories from her hometown. She select recycled or off-cut timber and then hand carves and polishes them into art sculptures with the unique patterns and original colours of the wood.
Solo Exhibitions:
March 2015               
ArtBoy Gallery, Prahran, Victoria
April 2018 
"The Existence of Ghosts"             
Lightbox,  Salamanca Arts Centre, Hobart, Tasmania
October 2019
Side Gallery, Salamanca Arts Centre, Hobart, Tasmania
Group Exhibitions:
June - July 2016      
Finalist – 2016 Contemporary Small Sculpture Award, Deakin University ,Victoria 
Winner - People's Choice Award
A part of me - acquired by The Deakin University Collection & Galleries
February 2016         
Rupert Gallery, Hobart Group exhibition 
September 2017       
Salvaged Art, Tasmania
September - October 2018 
Finalist – 2018 Contemporary Small Sculpture Award, Deakin University ,Victoria 
There's plenty of fish in the sea

Commissioned projects:
March 2016 - Sculpture  "An Aries girl"
September 2016 - Sculpture "Fox"
April 2017 - Sculpture  "A cup of coffee with a black soul"
December 2017 - Wood Brooch  "Owl"